Release Notes 2018 (Current Version: 13.2.7)

Turanto 13.2.7   Sep 18, 2018 Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes   Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes Search box is misaligned. New custom code should be default included. Bulk update button and check box column issues. Copy Entity related … Read More

Release Notes 2017

Release Version Date Updates Turanto 12.9.9 (Current Version) December 11, 2017 Turanto App-Generator Bug Fix: Code download error resolved. Bug Fix: Multi-tenancy had some errors related to M:M association, change in multi-tenancy crashed applications etc. Turanto 12.9.8 December 5, 2017 … Read More

Release Notes 2016

Release Version Date Updates Turanto 12.6.3 (Current Release) September 12, 2016 Turanto Gen-Apps New Feature: Multiple Tenant Security option- the records of main entity are visible on login page New Feature: Login in multiple tabs. Application will ask to first … Read More

Release Notes 2015

Release Version Date Updates Turanto 12.3.3 December 15, 2015 Turanto Gen-Apps Dashboard for interactive home page. Quick edit feature on list page of entity Default entities on role-permission page are moved to bottom. Bug fixes related to calculated property, multi … Read More

Release Notes 2014

Release Version Date Updates Turanto 6.4   February 12, 2014 Turanto Web Enhancement Facade Search (Beta Release): Now User can select facade search for an entity. By default icon is not selected. Selecting icon will enable facade search on generated application. … Read More

Release Notes 2013

Release Version Date Updates Turanto 6.2 December 24, 2013 Generated Web Enhancement & Features Information about Version and other details: Click on “About Application” of Generated Application in Admin Section to get following information: Turanto version used to launch the … Read More