Why Turanto

Turanto provides significant time and cost savings.

Turanto delivers more business value for the same amount of dollars.

More Business Value

Think of the advantage you would have in time and quality if the business processes are automated by your SME personnel who understand the business as opposed to having to translate it to programmers, who then attempt to provide their version of your requirements and frankly at a much higher cost. Turanto does requires some understanding of logical concepts. But no more than would be necessary to understand the domain subject matter that to the most experienced programmer might be Greek. In the grand scheme of things – Turanto just enables the SME to apply their understanding of a business subject matter using a tool that affords them the ability to deliver solutions at a much faster pace with fewer mistakes.

The standardized code makes all resources – non-programmer to senior developer – more effective and consistent. By default they follow the same patterns and architecture defined and established. introduced over time.

Standards Driven Development

Different developers have a different way to achieve the same goal. Each approach is claimed to be superior to the other. That leaves standardization in the dust. However, Turanto, encourages standardization through a template based, and pattern based, programming approach. It is in fact harder to break the standards than to follow along with Turanto.

Capability Driven, Active Specification

Normal specifications are passive – they reside in emails, in Power Point, in Word document, and in many cases are checked into source safe. Turanto based agile approach requires just a quick hour or two of meeting to arrive at the desired need followed by a discussion on the actual working application. The spec is still needed, just that it is much less passive – it starts from a working prototype and the changes that are needed to it. Turanto, thus provides a more capability driven active specification.

Turanto’s ‘cloud’ potentially eliminates the need to have specific computer(s) or environments to deploy the final automated process.

Focus on Improving, Not Hobbling

First, a spreadsheet application such as MS Excel is not a database. It is indeed easy to use and rapidly available. Turanto essentially is a spreadsheet on the web. With complete security. And a more complete navigation model to ensure the data entered is consistent across sheets and columns. And, it enables multiple users to use it at the same time while keeping it consistent.

And yet, you can get it all back into your favorite tool – MS Excel.

There are many features such as single user versus multiple users, volume of data, field rules and validation of data entry, security, ad hoc queries and reporting, backup and recovery and others that a spreadsheet does not provide. When your primary goal is the storage, retrieval and manipulation of data critical to the life of your business, a database program, not a spreadsheet is the appropriate choice. Spreadsheets are designed to analyze data and make projections and, pardon the pun, they excel at that type of functionality.

So let’s take the best of both and add them together: a database with a simple, user-friendly front end. That’s Turanto.

This flexibility while using either the private or the public cloud provides a solution platform offering familiar tools used in the past while providing the advanced capabilities of an automated business process supported with a database management system. That is process improvement we all can be comfortable with.

Promotes Collaborative Agility

This agile methodology, augmented with the organization collaboration, makes it easier for the new application to be accepted, and for everyone to contribute towards by using the same. They suffer less from the not invented here syndrome.
This collaborative agility enables a department and an enterprise to navigate the twists and turns of a business much better.

Since people are more involved and can see the application “actively” (as opposed to “passively” through a documented specification), they can engage more actively as well. The prototype is thus also a significant communication vehicle that promotes collaboration. Further, the turnaround time on the changes is much smaller, enabling people to stay engaged. Rather, before they are re-prioritized onto something else, they generally end up providing significant collaborative input to help the application proceed in the right direction.

Significant Return of Investment (ROI)

Cloud-based applications are about process flexibility and business agility. But it is predominately about cost. In just a few hours with Turanto and cloud computing, you have a working application without the overhead or backlog of IT and without incurring significant development and runtime costs.

While minimizing cost is important, business agility that allows your business to respond quickly and efficiently gives you the First-Mover Advantage, a major success step for any business…….. ask Bill Gates.

Turanto, encourages standardization through a template based, and pattern based, programming approach.